Guest Blog: When your buttons are pushed how long are you ‘unproductive’?

Featured Guest Blog: Rebekka Squire, Client Services Manager GENOS International

GENOS International are a global developer and supplier of emotional intelligence and engagement tools and consulting experts in leadership, emotional intelligence and driving engagement. As Client Services Manager Rebekka works closely with OPRA, and the GENOS network of distributors, to provide expert advice around leadership and emotional intelligence development.

I always find it interesting when I both experience and observe an emotion in myself. By that I mean, here I am sat at my desk experiencing a negative emotion and processing that cognitively and managing it physiologically. But at the same time, with my psychologist glasses on, and my knowledge of EI and neuroscience, I watch the scenario unfold, as if observing another person.

For the purpose of this blog lets say the button pushed was fairness, and the emotion I experienced was feeling under-valued. Im sure, this is one we can all relate to! So the event happens, and I have a reaction, which using my re-active emotional management strategies I manage and refrain from saying or doing anything and just sit still. I knew the reaction had put me in a ‘threatened’ state, so the next thing I did was to search my emotional vocabulary for the right word to nail how i was feeling (in order to re-engage the pre-frontal cortex, and shorten the amygdala hijack).

It has just taken me 50 minutes, and writing a draft email to myself (saving it) and then starting to blog my experience from a process perspective to actually get to the bottom of it! Can you believe that – 50 minutes, reacting to 1 emotion!!?? Even with all the knowledge of what was going on in my brain, and how to manage it from a reactive perspective, I still took 50 minutes to get back to a place where I feel like I could actually get on with my work again!

Imagine if each of your employees has one emotional reaction a day, which I ensure you they do! We actually experience 27 emotions each waking hour,  3000 over the week (Bradbury & Greaves, 2005). If you have 10 employees, you do the math; thats a lof of un-productive time, that YOU are paying for!

So what is the message? Well:

1) Improve the EI of your managers so that they have the emotional awareness of others to minimise threat, and negative reactions!
2) Improve the EI of your staff so that they can hopefully deal with it quicker than I did!

And now back to the productive place 🙂


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